Q?Getting a Tattoo makes me nervous can I bring my Dog/Cat/Ferret/Pet of another variety?

No.  We’re sorry, but there’s too much of a health hazard for you to bring a pet inside.  End of story, if a tattoo shop allows you to bring a pet inside they are putting you at serious risk of infection.

Q?Does it Hurt?


Good news: Pain is relative, Everyone has their own threshold and different areas hurt more than others.  If you tell your artist you have a low threshold for pain, they can work with you on the placement of your tattoo to ensure a relative level of comfort during the session.

Q?What can I expect After getting my Tattoo?

Your new tattoo will heal in about two to three weeks. Maybe less if you follow the instructions carefully.

Everyone heals differently but a basic outline of what you can expect would look like:
Scabbing Phase 3-7 days
Dry Flaky Skin Phase 3-7 days
Leathery Phase 3-7 days

Q?What can I do to ensure a quick and smooth healing period?

Your new Tattoo will be healing for a while, so you should treat it as a healing wound   This includes simple things such as:

Put a non-greasy lotion on your tattoo 3-5 times daily  With clean hands, rub in thoroughly

Do Not leave a coating or residue. DO NOT USE bacitracin, polysporin, neosporin or any other topical antibiotics. Greasy lotions will cause you to lose color and prolong healing time.

Do not touch or let others touch your new tattoo without washing their hands first.
Keep your tattoo clean, and do not expose to hostile environments or chemicals.  Tanning booths, extreme heat or cold etc.

Leave the bandage on 12 to 24 hours.

Wash thoroughly with soap and water. This is an important step, make sure you remove all the grease and the residue.

Blot dry, DO NOT RUB. Allow to dry well before covering with clothing. High bacteria locations, like feet, change your socks twice daily…

Do Not compress the fresh tattoo with tight clothes

Do Not pick at or otherwise traumatize your fresh tattoo.

Q?My friend has a sewing needle and some ink, in the back of a van. That’s the same thing right?

NO!  WHAT?!? NO!!
We are all trained professionals who have dedicated our careers and personal lives to creating body art that looks amazing and most importantly KEEPS PEOPLE SAFE!  Everyone at our shop, or any other reputable shop have been training for a LONG time.

Q?I Just Got a Tattoo Can I Swim/Take a Bath?

Only After a minimum of 72 hours.  For the first 3 days you’re going to want to keep it covered.  Showers are fine, and soap and water are highly recommended,whether or not you have a tattoo but Do NOT submerge for at least 72hrs

Q?Can I get a tattoo when I’m sick?

Tattoos put stress on the body’s immune system while they heal, and if you’re already using that immune system it’s not a good idea to tax it any further.  Wait it out, reschedule if you need to, come back healthy.